Great Gadgets

It’s fair to say that shopping for a new toothbrush is not something that typically gets people excited. We all know we need a toothbrush – obviously, since it is one of the few products we all use, multiple times, each day, without fail. With so many different options out there (hard, soft, electric with rotating bristles..), most of us rely on our dentist to give us that coveted free one at our scheduled appointment. Whether we missed our cleaning appointment, got sick and needed to throw an old one out, or simply look down in the morning and realize that our old toothbrush looks like its been cleaning the grout on your bathroom tile – a better option for toothbrush replacement is needed.

Here are a few well-known truths about what you need from your toothbrush, but might have forgotten:

  • Soft Bristles
  • Replaced Every 3 Months or sooner (if you are sick etc.)

Products are becoming more and more personalized and easier and easier to get. There is a company now offering an easy way to keep a fresh and well-designed toothbrush in your bathroom at all times. You buy a toothbrush base (either manual or electric for a little extra $) that comes with a removable head. Then, they automatically send you a new head every 3 months. The fee is not more than you usually spend on your toothbrush, gets delivered without you thinking about it, and means your oral hygiene game gets an upgrade with zero effort on your part. If any of that sounds like a good thing to you, try asking your dentist about Quip or check out their webpage here: